Since 1995, Ujung Kulon Wild has been helping responsible travelers discover the most remote wild places left on the mysterious, mountainous, rainforest-shrouded island of Java. We work with rural communities to empower local guides, helping connect them with off-the-beaten path adventurers looking for authentic trekking and cultural adventures in the rainforests and villages of Ujung Kulon.We believe strongly that community-based ecotourism can help safeguard the still-untouched forests and wildlife of Ujung Kulon, while helping to improve the quality of life for people living on the forest’s edge.

We believe strongly that ecotourism and responsible travel in Ujung Kulon - Java can help safeguard the still-untouched forests deep within the Ujung Kulon National Park. With a growing population within a valley completely surrounded by protected land, and a severe lack of reliable employment opportunities, ecotourism goes a long way in giving people alternate means of income without further encroaching into the National Park. Our treks are all small-group, low-impact hiking and camping expeditions that provide sustainable livelihoods to forest-edge communities. As a social enterprise fed up with tourism leakage, we are committed to keeping 100% of money spent on our trips within the Ujung Kulon region (with the possible exception of Indonesian taxes and government fees – it’s not always clear where those end up).  We are proud that 5% of the total cost of our trips goes directly to Java Rhino Conservation Alliance in support of wild Rhino conservation projects in the Ujung Kulon National Park. After all, a healthy Rhino population means a healthy forest

Ujung Kulon Wild is committed to helping preserve the natural resources of this region, while at the same time promoting responsible and sustainable tourism that supports local communities. Let us help you plan your adventure!