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Jl.Taman Nasional Ujung Kulon, Taman Jaya No.345 Sumur, Pandeglang 42283
Banten - Indonesia
Jl.Perintis Kemerdekaan No 185 Karet Labuan, Pandeglang 42264
Banten - Indonesia

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 +62 838 - 9005 - 0405


Important note

We believe strongly that forest conservation through ecotourism is most effective when local community members are directly involved and empowered in their roles. This is why we spend significant time working with villages to educate on conservation and sustainable tourism practices, and identify and help develop local leaders. This is also why we are committed to working solely with guides from Ujung Kulon, and work hard to make sure that all guides and porters come from the communities as close as possible to the forest-edge or site of interest. We also strive to partner with guides that are both experienced in the forest, and experienced with English. However, as tourism to the area is still so new, many guides are still in the process of learning, and may not be 100% proficient. Thank you for supporting and encouraging them in this learning process!

To be clear: as advocates of community-based ecotourism, only local guides accompany visitors on trips with Ujung Kulon Wild unless it’s an exploratory or training trip. Our guides are all independent—we simply work together with them in equal partnership to support their goals and assist them in areas like training and development, marketing their services, networking, email communication, logistics and planning. Ujung Kulon Wild in Ujung Kulon is not a tour operator, but rather a platform to assist local guides in promoting the Ujung Kulon region and their services to a wider global audience. When you book a tour through this website, you are booking a tour directly with the local guide. In this way, it is the locals at the grassroots who have full ownership and control, with us non-locals only in a supporting, consulting, partnership, and advocacy role. After all, they will be here long after we have gone. Like all of our trips, you travel at your own risk. Keep in mind that you are visiting a wild and extremely remote area of rural Ujung Kulon, far from quality medical care and other comforts. It’s your responsibility to make sure you are covered with valid travel and medical insurance.